Life coach

Guess what?! You can now hire me as a life coach! I’ve been certified since 2019, and am excited to open my calendar to new clients!
Here’s everything you need to know…

About your life coach, Yvonne Sandomir:

I’ve been a certified life coach since 2019 and specialize in mindfulness techniques (living in the present). I’m a survivor of childhood trauma including sexual abuse, incest, parental domestic abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and dysfunctional families.

After writing my memoir, The Invisible Girl, I wanted to do more to help others struggling with day-to-day life. I come from a place of compassion and a deep understanding of dysfunctional family dynamics. Although I work with anyone, regardless of their background, I want survivors to know they have a safe space in me.

Life coaching is NOT therapy. I know my limitations and will not address specific traumas from your past. I will; however, ask a little about your past to learn how you got to where you are today. You may be surprised how past emotions affect your everyday life. What I can do is help you identify confusing emotions, process your thoughts, and learn how to stay in the present. I will help remind you when past emotions are being displaced onto something in the present.

What is a life coach? 

I’m a wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment.

How can a life coach help me?

You can hire a life coach to help you through anything you may struggle within your present life; however, these are some of the most common problems I can help you master. 

Are you faced with a difficult decision? It could a job in a different field, or promotion out of state. I will help you process the pros and cons of your decision to ultimately help you decide which way to go.

  • Are you going through a divorce or grieving a death? There are complex emotions that come with these big life changes. I’ll help you navigate through those emotions until you have a greater sense of peace.
  • Are you having a problem with any interpersonal relationships? Not sure if you should stay or leave that long-term relationship? Are your boundaries being violated? I’ll help you navigate your decision and help you identify where your boundaries are being violated to provide you with the tools you need to gain more control over your life.
  • Do you suffer from anxiety? I’ll help you identify what you’re anxious about and provide tools to help you control it. 

What can I expect from a coaching session?

Sessions are typically held once per week for as long as your program requires. Sessions are held in person or over Zoom if you prefer. In-person sessions will be held at your home or office. I come to you, because I think it’s important that you be in a comfortable, familiar environment while we work together.

What techniques do you use?

I use a combination of meditation (audio/video), breathing techniques, self-paced workbooks, and good old-fashioned listening.  

What programs do you provide?

I offer three program options based on your personal needs. 

  • Option 1 – this program includes up to 3 sessions, once per week. This is best for those tough decisions that may require only a few sessions. 
  • Option 2 – this program includes up to 8 sessions, once per week. This is best for those struggling with short-term stressors, such as buying/selling a house, or those more difficult decisions, such as, whether or not to end a relationship.
  • Option 3 – this program is our “long-term” coaching program and includes up to 12 sessions, once per week. This is best for people struggling with anxiety, difficult interpersonal relationships that require boundary setting, or any issue that may be a bit more complex. 

How much do you charge?

  • Option 1 – $450 for 3 weeks of coaching (1 session per week, plus unlimited e-mail communication)
  • Option 2 – $1,200 for up to 8 sessions of coaching (1 session per week, plus unlimited e-mail communication)
  • Option 3 – $1,800 for up to 12 sessions of coaching (1 session per week, plus unlimited e-mail communication)

What if I need more time?

Not a problem at all! We will continue at an hourly rate of $150 per session. (1 session per week, plus unlimited e-mail communication)

How do you determine which program is best for me?

We will have an initial consultation to discuss your needs, a little about your background, and what you hope to gain from a life coach. The initial consultation is free. 

Ready to get started? E-mail me TODAY at