” Despite it all… the parental neglect, the extreme sexual abuse, the overwhelming burden of injustice, and the repeated betrayals of those who were supposed to protect me, I am the person I was always meant to be. I am where I am because of my dedication and commitment to therapy. I’ve learned the only authority over my life story is me, and that’s the only validation I’ll ever need.”


The Invisible Girl, Memoirs by Yvonne Sandomir
Producer: Rogelio Small
Co-Producer: Michelle Coulson

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    Starting the healing process is hard, but it takes guts to stick with it. It isn’t all terrible, but still; it takes tremendous courage to trust a process that can be so agonizingly painful.

    From the age of four, Eve wandered through a maze of injustice, exploitation, and unthinkable parental betrayal. After escaping home at the age of fifteen, it disheartened Eve to find that her childhood was only the beginning of a road fraught with violent relationships.

    Come along on her journey of perseverance through intense psychotherapy as she learns it is possible to not only survive the after-effects of deep childhood trauma but break the generational cycle for her own family.

    This story will be sure to inspire other adult survivors of childhood trauma to find the courage to face the after-effects of their trauma and find the miracle of hope within themselves.

    Yvonne Sandomir is a Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach and author of The Invisible Girl, A Memoir. Yvonne has been a lifelong poet and became an author to elucidate the rampant epidemic of child sexual abuse in the United States. When Yvonne’s not writing, or in sessions with clients, you can find her singing karaoke, dancing around the house, painting, or spending lots of time with her husband and two daughters.

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