About the Book

Yvonne Sandomir’s The Invisible Girl is a memoir about her arduous journey through childhood trauma and her subsequent quest to heal through psychotherapy. From a young age, Yvonne experienced traumas that no one should face and as a young adult still could not escape abuse and hardship. She developed a keen perspective on the phenomenon of generational abuse and, like many other survivors, sought out to break the cycle. Through this memoir, Yvonne hopes to inspire other adult survivors of childhood trauma to seek help and to spread the word about childhood sexual abuse, its prevalence in today’s society, and its effects on the mind into adulthood. 

About the Author

A poet and writer from a young age, Yvonne Sandomir always knew she would one day write about her experiences. She aims to educate about the epidemic of childhood sexual abuse in the United States and encourage as many victims of it to come forward as she can. When she’s not writing, she works as a Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach who helps clients make sense of their past and attempt to head toward a better future. Yvonne also loves karaoke, painting, and spending lots of time with her family. Yvonne’s perseverance is a testament to how anyone can work through their traumas and come out understanding themselves and their trauma on a deeper level. 

Affiliation with Lauren’s Kids

Lauren’s Kids is a non-profit foundation based in southern Florida and is dedicated to educating adults and children about sexual abuse prevention and helping survivors heal through in-school learning, mass awarenress campaigns, and public speaking events throughout the country. The founder, Lauren Book, was also a victim of childhood abuse for several years, and since 2007 has made it her life’s mission to spread awareness of this epidemic. Yvonne has teamed up with Lauren’s Kids so that 10% of all proceeds from The Invisible Girl will be donated to this organization.