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About the Book

Empower yourself as a parent with knowledge and tools to guard your children against sexual abuse. Yvonne Sandomir’s second book is the indispensable guide, “What, Who, Why, Where, How, When, Plan: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse”, an essential resource for any proactive parent.

• In-depth Guidance: Learn how to spot the warning signs and understand the warning signs of potential abuse.

• Preventive Tools: Equip yourself with strategies to prevent child sexual abuse, including understanding grooming tactics.

• Empowering Advice: Gain confidence in your ability to protect your children through actionable steps and expert advice.

• Essential Knowledge: Educate yourself about perpetrator and grooming red flags, so you can identify risks before they escalate.


About the Book

Yvonne Sandomir’s The Invisible Girl is a memoir about her arduous journey through childhood trauma and her subsequent quest to heal through psychotherapy. From a young age, Yvonne experienced traumas that no one should face and as a young adult still could not escape abuse and hardship. She developed a keen perspective on the phenomenon of generational abuse and, like many other survivors, sought out to break the cycle. Through this memoir, Yvonne hopes to inspire other adult survivors of childhood trauma to seek help and to spread the word about childhood sexual abuse, its prevalence in today’s society, and its effects on the mind into adulthood. 

About the Author

Yvonne Sandomir has become a voice for silenced survivors of childhood trauma; Yvonne became an author to elucidate the rampant epidemic of child sexual abuse in the United States. Her first publication, The Invisible Girl: A Memoir, is her story of survival through unthinkable, multiple traumas while confronting the complexities of the intergenerational abuse cycle..